Make the Most of Your Microsoft 365 Tech! 

Free Webinar series from the Microsoft Team at Dicker Data + ITA

The future of the workplace is TECH:

Become empowered as you learn how to harness the Microsoft 365 suite in quick and easy ways to increase productivity, profitability, connectedness and security!

Join us for the first of a four-part FREE webinar series:

What you will learn:

  • Learn smart, simple ways to utilize the Microsoft 365 suite.
  • Learn quick tips to increase connection internally and externally.
  • Understand the scope of tools that can increase productivity.
  • Learn how tech can make your business more secure and resilient.
  • Save time with more streamlined communication.

Be on the cutting edge of the future of tech. 

Join us for a complimentary webinar hosted by Microsoft Dicker Data and the IT Alliance:

Date: Thursday 25th November 2021

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Place: Online – where else would we be?!

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How can this help you?

One ITA member reported that less than 50% of their 365 Teams licenses were being used effectively. This means that there is so much untapped potential for utilizing technology to help grow your business. 

But how can these systems help you do that? 

  • Increased communication and collaboration internally and externally meaning higher productivity and sales opportunities.
  • More streamlined, easier integrated functionality to help save time and money.
  • Greater security to create resilience for your business with cyber threats.
  • Build a robust and resilient business model by using reporting tools or field apps to help keep your team safe.
  • Increase profitability and productivity with easier systems.

That’s how we would like to help. So go on… REGISTER NOW!