The IT Alliance is comprised of New Zealand's leading Microsoft and HP network engineers

IT Services and Support

The IT Alliance takes advantage of core competencies in IT Services and Support, while strengthening individual partners


Everyone is a specialist at something. We share knowledge amongst our members to ensure that you get a local specialist.


If you have products that you would like to distribute through the IT Alliance members, get in touch, to discuss the distribution of you're technology.


We work together to deliver products, training, services and support for your'e project. We come up with innovative solutions for clients of the IT Alliance.


We provide national coverage in all areas of New Zealand by leveraging the relationships between each of the IT Alliance members and their networks.

About Us

ITA ‘s core function is to manage national client account’s providing IT services and IT support and to manage and promote members of ITA as credible IT companies who have the ability to engage in providing both local and national ICT solutions.

Who are we ?

The IT Alliance was formalised in Wellington in 2015. Initially, 10 organizations were invited to participate in solidifying the Alliance. Specifically, the IT Alliance was seeking to connect like-minded organisations. Competencies such as professionalism, skills, knowledge, business culture, regional representation and authorised Microsoft Partners, were all key elements. Following the inaugural meeting, the IT Alliance was formalised as a registered company with four directors.

Who can join ?

IT Providers: Join a group of likeminded organisations. Specialist Professions: As a whole, we specialise in IT support for the Medical Profession, Trades and Manufacturers, Distribution Companies, Legal and Accounting Professions, Education and Multibranch companies or organisations. Innovators: If you have developed a tech solution, feel free to reach out to pitch your product or service. There is every chance we could sell on your behalf.

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