About iT Alliance

Who Is ITA ?

ITA was formed through the association of some leading IT companies in New Zealand who have partnered to deliver nationwide ICT solutions to corporate and nationally represented companies. In 2015 a meeting was held in Wellington to formalize ITA. Initially 10 invitation’s to a hand picked selection of IT companies throughout NZ. The selection was based on a number of criteria some of which were professionalism, skills, business culture, regional representation and being authorised Microsoft Partner’s. Following the inaugural meeting, ITA was registered as a company and now has four directors. ITA ‘s core function is to manage national client account’s and to manage and promote members of ITA as credible IT companies who have the ability to engage in providing both local and national ICT solutions. ITA is set to expand and will do so through a process of evaluation and due diligence by the directors of ITA

Why ITA ?

Culture and relationship drive successful business. Nowhere else is this more important than in the integration of technology for business. ITA understand the importance of project management to deliver seamless implementation and support of business technology and networking solutions. Through effective communication, documentation and attention to detail, we deliver solutions respecting the values and culture of our clients business. From design to implementation and after sales support, ITA understand the importance of managing our client’s expectations and delivering within budget on time. Relationships underpin all aspects of our business and we are proud of our capability to provide managed local support relationships for corporate and national accounts.

ITA Services

The ideal alliance takes advantage of core competencies while strengthening individual partners.

Saving money while improving access for schools and educators
We have more businesses in the cloud than any other company in New Zealand
Get the most from your IT investment with our best practice solutions
We have maintenance and monitoring plans to suit your needs.

ITA Partners

The IT Alliance is comprised of some of New Zealand's leading Microsoft, HP, and network engineers.

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